Changing Tenancies
Avoid expensive disputes always remain respectful. 

Notification requirements:-
●  Renters    give 28 days written notice. more>
●  Providers give 90 days written notice 
●  Tribunals  can make immediate terminations more>
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More Law:-
  ●  Rents must be paid until the termination date.      
●  Prospective tenants can view with 48hrs notice. 
●  Places must be left in good condition
●  Bonds returned after departure and final inspection

If renters fail to meet their lawful responsibilities they lose bonds and quality references.

Print these documents:-
  ●  Process/checklist
Acknowledgement and inspection letter
  ●  Termination Brochure 
  ●  Two inspection forms
Bond release form
  ●  Rent Summary

Departing renters can help providers by:-
  ●  Ensuring the unit is presentable for viewings
  ●  Welcoming prospective new tenants for inside viewings

Providers can help departing renters by:-
●  Providing supportive references
  ●  Replacing renters early when helpful
  ●  Returning bonds quickly when appropriate

Pre departure Inspections
●  Be respectful
  ●  Expose and discuss possible difficulties
  ●  Ensure responsibilities are understood
  ●  Providers update employer contacts & new address
  ●  Owners identify needed building work 

Post departure Inspections
  ●  If property is ok then release bond promptly &
  ●  Return any overpaid rent

If units are NOT ok:-
    ●  Hold bond
    ●  Photograph the problems
    ●  Phone departed tenants to rectify
    ●  If not rectified claim costs from bond
If bond is inadequate follow debt recovery process.

IMPORTANT NOTE  Notices delivered to the rental addresses are deemed read if tenants have left without a forwarding address.

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