Terminations by Tribunal
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Tribunals must terminate when:-
    ●  Violence is threatened
    ●  Rent arrears exceed 21 days
    ●  Other breaches remain 14 days from notification
    ●  Three "14 day letters" are delivered in 90 days

Documents required  with hard and soft copies
●  Lease agreement (required)
    ●  Rent record statement (required)
    ●  Related correspondence and texts, (if any)
    ●  Quotations and invoices (required for other claims)
●  Photos (very helpful for damage & cleaning claims)
    ●  Tenancy diary (
if relevant)

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Normal tribunals take between 1 & 3 months to sit. 

Breached "Agreements to remedy" enable "fast tracked" termination orders within about a week of applications.

Breached "judgement orders" enable court bailiffs to immediately enforce evictions.

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►  Tribunal terminations are on public record
►  Providers  do not lend to unreliable people
Renters NEED REFERENCES to access rental homes.