Peru & Colombia
 19 Sept - 23 Oct  2018

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2nd Adjustment Day
Fri 21 Sept

The coastal walks are really attractive and escape from the city traffic pollution and noise.  Another very usual weather day 16-18 deg no sun less wind than yesterday.   A local said the pacific currents meeting here make the whether always the same.  Except in summer - then they do see the sun.

Got going at about 10am heading north along the cliff top pathway - (great for bilking too) found 2 museums and the Inca site. Had a Subway for dinner and settled back by 6-30.  Not too sure about tomorrow.

Yesterday's Walk -  5 km along the top and return along the shore

Today's walk 4km away along the top and loop back via town attractions

Museum commemorating the "troubled times" around the 80's They have dug this into the terrace and welcome all to view their recent history of civil war, mass executions and bombings.  Lots of school groups taking the lectures. 

Electric hot wires, spikes cameras to keep out the baddies

Inca archeology site


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