Peru & Colombia
 19 Sept - 23 Oct  2018

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Up and Over the Andes volcanoes to Chivay
Fri 28

This morning will begin at approximately 8 or 9am (as agreed by the group the night before) Drive through the 'Altiplano’ (High Plains) to the Colca Valley and Canyon. This drive takes approximately 5-6 hours including toilet stops. On the way you'll see grazing vicunas, llamas and alpacas, as well as stone cairns built by the local indigenous people. More than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, the Colca Canyon provides some breathtaking views. The pre-Incan terraces carved into its walls are still cultivated today, and traditional Indian villages are dotted around it, where it's possible to see locals in colourful traditional dress. Stop at the highest point (4,910 metres) to enjoy views of the bleak landscape below and the snow-capped volcano of the Nevado Ampato in the distance. At this point you might feel a little shortness of breath, but after taking some photos, you'll quickly get back in the vehicle and descend to a lower altitude. Continue on to the town of Chivay, where you'll have some time to visit the local hot springs. In the evening, you may wish to visit a local 'Pena' to enjoy a Peruvian dance and music show. Spend the night in Chivay.



At around 3900m  snack time with an Andes altitude sickness tea with cocoa 


The local grass

Just do it slowly - light headed and easily puffed

A spinning pod - Who needs a wheel?  Smart


Top of the pass 4902m   (Mt Cook is 3754)

Chivay below at 3,300m  (Mt Cook is 3754)

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