Peru & Colombia
 19 Sept - 23 Oct  2018

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Suasi Island Lake Titicaca
Mon 1 Oct

This morning you will visit the cultural museum on the island. Here you will find maps, pictures of the Lake, and books about history of the lake and its communities. There are handicrafts and fabrics from the different groups that developed around the Lake, types of Andean grains like quinoa, and a chance to learn about the painting process of wool. An easy late-afternoon walk (approximately 1-2 hours) will take you to the highest point of the island – the perfect place to witness an unforgettable sunset over the waters of Lake Titicaca. Enjoy a private picnic with drinks; a unique moment to soak in the beautiful landscape, appreciate the serenity, and if the clouds behave, watch the sun go down.

Just like a rabbit

Good luck doll

Local cereals

Local corn products

Preserved potatoes

Made from tyres

Kiwi flax

Trout for lunch

Solar kettle takes an hour to boil

Wine and cheese celebration

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