Peru & Colombia
 19 Sept - 23 Oct  2018

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Flight to Cartagena
Fri 12

Although scheduled at 9-15 the car was waiting a 9am to go to the airport. The 1lm trip took an hour in the traffic -then a 2.5 hour wait and a 4 hour flight arriving with a delayed landing.  Quaint but functional clean hotel.

Took a walk around the town (using the phone map) just to absorb the ambiance.  Lovely balmy night with a pleasant breeze, people enjoying themselves around the water front and old city area, mostly seemed to be locals at the many food outlets.  Open entertainment busses were fill with drinking revelers loud thumping music and screeching DJ's past by every few minutes.  Other banging music came from the numerous night clubs on every street I walked along. Seems no one bothering people, the streets were clean, lots of poverty and seemingly, wealth too in other areas.   Same time zone as Peru,  7 hours ahead of NZ (less a day).

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