Peru & Colombia
 19 Sept - 23 Oct  2018

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Tayrona National Park
Tue 16

Head to Tayrona National Park, a protected plot of wilderness encircled by the massive Santa Marta mountain range on one side and the picture-perfect Caribbean on the other. There's a fair amount of hiking involved today, so be prepared and make sure your walking shoes are on (bug spray will also come in handy). It's a solid hour or two to hike to the first beach, with a few up and down parts, and if it rains it may get a little muddy here and there. The reward, however, is not only the superb beaches but the hike itself. The ambience of the jungle, the verdant scenery and the first glimpse of the sea make for a magical day out among nature. The hiking is flexible; you can hike more or less, depending on your wishes and energy levels. The hike to stunning Cabo San Juan is well worth the effort; it's further away than some other beaches however highly recommended. Note that it's not possible to swim at all beaches, as the ocean rip can be strong. When it's all over, we head back to Guachaca for the night.

Hot humid tropical weather,  Rain in the evening Nice cooled lunch and great swim

Ants with big loads

Wasps nest

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