Northern Territory Trip
 28 May - 14 July  2018

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Fri 15 June  Victoria Highway - Wyndham

Took turn into Lake Argyle then on to Wyndham a recommended destination got to the view point and watched the sunset.  Talked with some nice locals till well after dark - They had already made friends with the little wallabies.  Found had a wrecked tyre so staying in the hilltop and will change it in the morning during sunrise.  (No camping signs - but)

Spotted in the rear vision mirror so stopped




Lake Argyle (below)

100 tonnes of TNT blew the rock hill in one explosion - World Record non atomic event then they used the brolen rock for the dam 1960s

Onwards to Kununarra and Wyndham (below)

Found in distress caught in the Kununura Service Stn loo.

Let him free in a hedge away from the traffic

Burning to prevent bushfires

Good updrafts for the birds

Side tipper

Compacting machine

Wyndham viewpoint (below)

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