Northern Territory Trip
 28 May - 14 July  2018

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Sat 16 June   Wyndham - Halls Creek

Got the wheel changed after a learning curve and found the spare was a bit flat. Lucky there was an open garage nearby to pump it up.  Now need a new tyre but possible places closed for the W/E. Taking the risk with no spare till Mon or Tue at Broome . (700 km away gulp) Booked the Horizontal Falls trip at Halls Creek Isite then Traveled hard till sunset to get a good start for derby.

Morning views of Wyndham

This is virtually a ghost town built for its ore exporting harbour in the 50s

Took an awful corrugated roadside-road to see the recommended birds sanctuary   (below) roar

Spot the crock

Zoomed in

On the seal again via the Kimberly Mountains and nearish to the Bungle-Bungles (below). 
Only a 70km dirt road in so not driving to see this famous World Heritage Area.  

Found a spot to sleep

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