Northern Territory Trip
 28 May - 14 July  2018

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2 Mon Devil's Marbles then Barkly  

Deviated 100km to Devil's Marbles, then headed east to catch up with the cuzzies stopping at distractions. about 450km

Began quite cold 17ish and came good to around 27ish by midday.  Found a spot under a tall transmission tower

Below the Marbles 

Weathering hard granite

Birds nests

The nice man is a new "mum"

with a pouch

The other mum was road kill for a couple of days and Joey had a few wounds from the birds cleaning up the carcass.  So sad but Joey taken to his new family like a puppy.  Soo cute, helpless and friendly with everyone.

Tenant Creek Gold & Copper mine of the 1930's -1960s below

The old Tennant Creek booster station for 1870s communications

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