Northern Territory Trip
 28 May - 14 July  2018

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4 Wed  & 5 Thu  Corella Dam & Uranium Mine (2 days) 

Wednesday  biked with Bob to a remote campsite and checked out the dam wall then kayaked around the shoreline of the lake just lovely  - lots of campers PLUS 3 very annoying generators.

Thursday visited Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine and old township took some daytime zzzzs too.

(Above) Overflow spillway leaves the dam much lower than its original capacity.  Seems the wall is deteriorating now.  The dam was built to provide water for Mary Kathleen's mining operation and 2,000 residents but they left about 1985 so its not used for anything except as a popular place for campers to stay.


(Below) Thursday Took Bob and Sheena in to explore the old deserted uranium mine Mary Katherine and its towns remnants about 25km away.  Was really fascinating and well worth the slow bumpy drive in.

Bird nests

The swimming pool now

Swimming pool then

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