Northern Territory Trip
 28 May - 14 July  2018

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  8 Sun Longreach  & 9 Mon- Ilfracombe - Barcaldine

Few small problems have presented (Cut head on a tree lots of blood - tooth ache - kangaroo hit the van - lost camera then cell phone) so decided to take it easy with motels for these 2 nights and ensure food and sleep are in order.  The problems are not bad. Not much roo damage but it died, head clearing up fine,  found camera and cell phone within minutes after back tracking to them.

Really enjoyed tourist attractions at these little towns, Timaru could take up on some of their ideas.

Road kill roos attract the birds - they too are easily hit.

Qantas display and tour at Longreach (747)

Up stairs top compartment is really quite small

Wing walkers - extra cost


Ilfracombe old "machinery mile" along the main road makes a must stop

(below) Barcaldine workers and union history themed
Sorry no pics of the workers museum