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Day 3 -  Mon 8 May  Wahiba Sands. Following the coast, past inviting wadi oases which offer a welcome break from the inhospitable terrain, we veer inland for Wahiba Sands (Internet pics), through the seemingly impenetrable mountain range of sand dunes that take up much of the country’s interior. A stay at our Bedouin Camp amongst the dunes offers a different perspective on the life of the people of this nation.

Returning west we venture into the mountainous villages (internet pics) around Nizwa and Jebal Akhdar  to explore bazaars and remote mountain villages where life goes on much as it has for centuries. 

Sightseeing:  via Wadi Arabayeen  and Bimah sinkhole (Internet pics)

Somehow the tour rep made a (good) mistake as the Friday tour was the same as the main tour but there is this area was really worth doing a second time

Frankincense tree

Thirsty bugs

Arab restaurant for lunch


Desert sands camp then on to get some fun with the cars among the dunes

Off to see the sun set before dinner


keep digging boys

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