Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iran (Pics), Armenia & Georgia
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 Day 7 - Fri 12th May   We take a 10 hour Day visiting Maiden Castle & the Palace of Ardeshir and the Pink Lake of Shiraz

Loved seeing the 2000 year old ruins and getting a concept of the ways and culture of Iranians. They are very different from the Arabs.  We are just a few westerners in they have seen and although we are very obvious and receive steers from many, especially the children, we are always greeted amazingly warmly by all.  People offer us food without catches - the shop owners are very pleasant and welcoming even when we do not buy from them. There are very few English speakers compared with Oman and UAE. Our ladies indicate a little apprehension from the gazes from local men when they walk the streets alone.   

Old Itin. We leave Bandar Lenge early in the morning and enjoy the striking mountain scenery we pause at the fascinating region of Firouzabad (pics) and the remains of the ancient city of Gur, the world’s first circular city that is surrounded by mud brick walls and a moat almost fifty metres in width

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