Oman,  Iran, Armenia (pics) & Georgia
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Day 19 - Wed 24. To Yerevan through the Ararat Valley (pics). Continuing or journey we discover a stout stone caravanserai which once sheltered silk traders and their livestock as they traversed the high mountain passes.

Winding through the Ararat valley on our way to Yerevan (pics), the magnificent Biblical Mt. Ararat appears in all of its might and beauty. Legend has it that the Noah’s Ark is still rests on the summit. We visit the Garni and Geghard Monastic Complex (UNESCO w.h.s) and the village of Nortatus, famous for its carved stones, known as khachkars. Take an evening stroll on Yerevan’s Northern Avenue and dine at one of the many local restaurants sampling some dolma – Armenia’s most famous dish of stuffed vine leaves.

Sightseeing: Day 19-Selim caravanseraiAyrivank Monastery, Garni Village, Geghard Monastic Complex and view over Mt Ararat (weather permitting).  Azat River   

Day started with a broken bus so went for a stroll around the area and that ended in getting caught in a violent thunder storm with a smattering of hail just as we reached the hotel. A new mini bus and driver arrived after a couple of hours and the programme continued. 

Overall it was another fascinating day in what is turning out to be one of my best touring experiences.  The day ended after the now regular end-of-day walk after discovering a  knock-down musical fountain display in the city square.  Powerful classical music filled the square with 2+ hours of the non-stop performance.  Wow!!!  

Morning view from the window

The hotel - nice

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