Oman,  Iran, Armenia (pics) & Georgia
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Day 20 - Thu 25 May . Armenian heritage in Echmiadzin (pics) and Yerevan (pics) the capital.  In the morning we visit Echmiadzin, also known as the "Armenian Vatican", which reminds us that this is the first country in the world to embrace Christianity as its official religion.

In the afternoon we return to Yerevan where we visit the State Museum of Armenian History and visit the solemn Genocide museum.

Couldn't take photos in the state museum In the square overlooking the  fountain. A museum guide took us around explaining the items dating back 8000 years to the first human communities.  A guide at the genocide museum briefly told the story of the darkest days of modern Armenian history when during WW1 over 1 million people were disposed of by the Turks who attempt to remove Christianity and install Islam.    

Our hotel for 2 nights

Entrance Echmiadzin, also known as the "Armenian Vatican"

Mt. Ararat Volcano cone in the back

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