Oman, Emirates, Iran, Armenia & Georgia (Pics)
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Day 22 - Sat 27 May. Georgia’s capital- Tbilisi  (pics)After our arrival, we set off to explore Tbilisi – one of the most elegant cities in the former USSR. With its charming old city, intricate wooden balconies and an innate culture of hospitality. Georgia’s capital wins widespread acclaim and admiration from all who visit. Wrapped between the Mtkvari River on one side and Narikala Fortress on the other, the old city of Tbilisi is full of ancient monuments, wonderful narrow streets and restaurants offering some of the best and most unique cuisines of the region.

Sightseeing: Day 22- City tour of Tbilisi, including Narikala fortress, Metekhi cathedral, Old town Centre, Sioni church, Sulphur baths & the Georgian National Museum of History.

Not a great night on the old train as there was no ventilation or air-conditioning.  Woken at 2-30am for 2hours of boarder crossing formalities. After meeting the new local guide (Leo) we were able to access to the hotel rooms and breakfast before starting the day. The afternoon rest following a big lunch and a beer also went down a treat and reenergised a an exploring walk away from the throngs of tourists.

Armenian & Georgian locals are quite reserved and so different from the unusually friendly kind Iranian locals.  Higher humidity and and lower temps averaged about 18 deg.

Our hotel - my room is in the top floor (middle)

View from the the hotel

Morning town walk in the tourist areas

5000 yr old cart (couldn't photograph the one in the Armenian national museum)

exploring from the high fort

Evening exploring (free time)

New city cathedral

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