Oman,  Iran, Armenia & Georgia (Pics)
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Day 26 - Wed 31 May  Tour concludes.   After your breakfast it is time to farewell your new Georgian friends and travelling companions as our Persian Caravan journey comes to an end. Free day for me in Tbilisi

Began wandering the streets, relaxing, with no commitment of time and destination.

The big TV tower had my curiosity aroused earlier but our "local" nice young guide (who lived his 20 years in Tbilisi??) advised "there was no public access and nothing there".   I thought there has to be some access as there is a flash building under the tower??   Maybe it was some secret government military establishment?? During the wanderings with one of the ladies from the tour, I spotted a cable car moving up the mountain side towards the TV tower.   Now the afternoon had a destination - and a worthwhile way to get rid of some local currency. As we got closer a big Ferris-wheel. came into view. The cable car was like the Wellington one. On the top we found a large fair ground, stalls and rides among lush gardens. The (thought to be a secret military) building turned out to contained a flash restaurant and bar. The big wheel was closed due to some wind so after the wander around we decided to spend the last of our cash with a pizza at the flash restaurant.  The hotel was about 4ks back and easy to find. 


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