United Arab Emirates

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 Sat 3 June 2017  AM  Dubai Sights (6hrs)  Desert Safari & Dinner (6.5hrs)

Rush - wait - rush - wait in the 40+deg humid heat.  I found both activities boring and slow, with so much time stuck in traffic, waiting for drivers, and punters; quite unlike the main tour. Not much new stuff for a lot for huge amount of  time involved for each of the activities. "Watch the sunset"- right - with 250 tourists and 45 cars? - just to see the faded away into gray haze.  "Star gazing in the desert" WOW - yea right - apart from the moon we saw 2 stars (actually they were planets).  There was 15 - 20 min fun driving on the sand for the 6 hours the activity took. The local cultural performance.  one quite cleaver guy twirling for the entire performance with blaring music that (thankfully) broke a nearby speaker .

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