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English Culture & Volcano Zone
Adventure Activities and learning

Special features in this Zone:-
●  Christchurch, a little piece of England more>
●  Earthquake devastation 2011
●  Feature filled volcano
●  "Worlds best" Antarctic display
●  Sand beaches, rocky headlands & dunes
●  Ancient Maori and Antarctic displays
●  Enlightening African & New Zealand nature park

In this Zone we absorb the new culture and remarkable history of English settlement, see earthquake devastation, long sandy beaches,  farm plains of vast once arid river deposits, swamps, springs of pristine waters, old killer volcanoes, exciting shops, parks and malls all close to NZ's second largest city.   
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Pictures of the Zone

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Fun Activities
Activities in the Zone
The "World's best" Antarctic Centre,  museum,  nature park, two vastly different seaside towns, city view points, shopping and sandy beaches all provide new different experiences studies of interest.

Great Geography
Geography of the Zone
Best available geography studies here include volcanoes, braded rivers, aquifers, sandy beaches and earthquakes are all packed into  this small zone. more>

Social Studies
Social Studies in the Zone
Ambitious plans of the first European settlers were backed by the empire building British. They overcame enormous geographic and transportation difficulties, there were many errors and planning changes to make the settlement work effectively . We learn from these.  Today we see one of the most successful and fastest developing communities in New Zealand.  more>

Student Comments

Student Comments
What some wrote about the Zone with the. little time they had left.  go there>

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