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Mining & Milling Zone

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●  Industries of gold, coal, timber and jade
●  Ghost towns and struggling settlements
●  Smashed nature now recovering more>
●  Life before electricity and cars
●  Wild, feature-filled uplifting coasts
●  Paparoa National Park
●  Limestone karst lands & caves


mapzmma.jpg (3048 bytes) Ghost towns and their memories, litter this zone. Declining communities struggle to build sustainable industries to replace the gold, coal and timber businesses of their wealthy times.  Meet the optimistic, determined, hard working locals with a different culture and attitude to life. Feel a warmer and wetter environment once dominated by wild ocean waves and dense rainforests.


Photo Gallery

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities
Along the  Worlds "Best Tourist Highway" visitors can explore mining and milling industries, visit Shantytown, have a laugh at the Bushman's Centre,  climb the  Skywalk tower, stop at old gold towns, or explore unique coastal features, a seal colony, glass factory, jade factory or the Pancake Rocks.

The more adventurist can ride mud-mobiles or take a guided tour deep into limestone cave.   more>


This unique zone is being over turned and uplifted by massive tectonic collisions. Violent storms are arrested by the uplifting mountains release into hundreds of rivers that wash through faults and old glacier valleys concentrating gold and slicing coal seams.  In the last ice age vast glacier outflows smothered the zone.  The coast is very spectacular.

Social Studies / Humanities
Living in this remote and inaccessible zone has been  harsh for its inhabitants.

Time-warps us back to the Maori jade gatherers followed by Victorian settlers seeking timber coal and gold. 

Slowly the gold ran out, Farms from the cleared rainforests failed and coal is now uneconomic.  We pass  ghost towns and fascinating communities with their own special, characters, stories, and struggles to to find financial sustainability.

"Don't miss me too much!  Can't write much 'cos gotta wash up. Having heaps of fun."

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