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 Adventure & Desert  Zone

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●  "World's Adventure Capital'
Rugged desert landscapes with orchards and vineyards
●  Queenstown, New Zealand's most popular tourist destination
●  Best snow skiing and jet boating
●  Thriving settlements and gold mining ghost towns
●  Enormous glacier made lakes
●  Wild and exciting rivers  
●  Time here for resting & shopping

Enjoy adrenalin pumping adventures, invigorating air, rugged desert lands, spectacular gorges and pristine lakes. This Zone oozes exhilaration and energy.  Breathe in the wonderful natural beauty.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
Winter and summer offer different sights to enjoy.

 Adventure Activities


 Adventure Activities
The "World's Adventure Capital"  offers a huge range of choices for us all:- skiing, jet boating, luge, gondola, bungy bridge.  Shopping and food outlets are great too. KANES plan group activities to meet each customer's interests and ensure each group has the best possible experience.  (We are developing these pages for easier sorting please excuse us)   more>


We find New Zealand's lowest rainfalls, coldest winters and hottest summers. The schist desert areas are surrounded by protective mountains creating the special microclimate. Giant glaciers of the ice ages and rivers have created the basins and lakes we love today.  Studies look at the history, causes and processes involved.

Social Studies

Social Studies  / Humanities
We can explore the vibrant communities and tourism that dominates the zone. These include businesses, and services for millions of passing visitors Ghost towns and museums bring to life the very different, harsh communities, people, and industries of the first European settlers seeking fortunes from gold.

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KANES incorporate adventures to meet each group's interests, budget and available time