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Fiords Zone
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 Be amazed with one of the world's greatest wildernesses of untamed splendour. 

World Heritage Areawith:- fiords, unique dinosaur rainforests, giant water falls, snow, lakes and raging rivers.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery



Hard granite has been uplifted and sliced by numerous ice periods.  These deep U shaped valleys that still retain their shape and now host unique rainforests and birds.  more>

Social Studies 

Social Studies 
Communities in the Zone are driven by tourism, farming and recreation. 


Milford Sound

Cruise on the fiord

Walking Trails

Geography Studies

Glow worm cave trip

Fairytale Forests


Lake Te Anau
The South Island's largest lake and with its township is Fiordland's most popular gateway.

Lake Manapouri
Just a few KM from the main road is deemed New Zealand's "most beautiful" lake

Doubtful Sound excursion
A special guided tour takes us deep into the the wonders of a second accessible fiord.


Precariously standing snow fields frequently release tonnes of burden sending it roaring hundreds of metres into the distant valley floor.

Overnight cruise
Purpose built cruise boat offers an experience of a life time with kayaking, swimming and shore exploring.

Scenic flights
 From Milford small planes take customers through more amazing glacier  made valleys

 Students' Comments     

Doubtful Sound

 take you there  - "The most awe-inspiring World Heritage Area"