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Alpine Grandeur Zone

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Confront the breathtaking splendour of the "South Pacific Himalayas".  

●  Australasia's highest mountains more>
●  Mt Cook National Park more>
●  3 Giant
glaciers and several others
●  Trails view avalanches & iceberg lakes
●  Iceberg lake cruise
●  Large HEP schemes
●  High tundra plains more>
●  Education centre.

Encounter glaciers, avalanches, icebergs, massive erosion and developing glacier lakes.
 Touch the spectacular, uplifting snow covered Alps with their huge glaciers and deadly avalanches.  Enjoy the yellows, browns and greys of the vast tundra plains spreading from the 3000 metre alps. The special alpine grasses here, are struggling to survive on the old glacial and river deposits left just 20,000 years ago. The 7 large icy lakes in this zone form part of New Zealand’s largest Hydro electric complex.

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This high zone links the Alps with the low alluvial farm plains to the east. 


Gallery of the Zone

View the rugged, barren landscapes and towering Alps found in the "Lord of the Rings". view>

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Action Education

Adventure Activities
Experience icebergs and breathtaking walking trails with fun suspension bridges along spectacular valleys, plane flights can take you close to the towering ice walls, there are hot bathing pools, plus winter time ice skating, and snow slides. 

Geography Studies


We explore the causes and processes of avalanching ice falls, massive tectonic land movements, new (forming) iceberg lakes, and New Zealand's largest glaciers. Erosion processes are most violent here. To the east lie vast tundra plains and seven giant lakes.  more>

Social Studies

Social Studies
We learn of the difficulties and benefits of working and living among the tundra and alps.  We explore New Zealand's largest hydro electric power scheme, learn about the different settlements found on the tundra, beside the lakes and among the alps. more>

Students' Comments

"Ms. T was very horrible to me up there - she waited till I was busy trying to get a good photo of the glacier and then she attacked, ramming handfuls of FREEZING COLD snow down my back. Needless to say, I was NOT amused."


 take you there -  world's great alpine experience