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Local Culture Zone
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Feel the warmth and sincerity of New Zealand's unique Maori people. 

Explore a thriving agricultural community and fascinating geology. 

Special Features of the Zone
Maori cultural exchange  more>
●  Agricultural industries; dairy, beef sheep and grain  more>
●  Land shaped by lava flows  more>
●  Man made harbour  more>
●  Volcanic lava flows  more>

Local Culture Zone, New Zealand

Based around  the small cit of Timaru city and its large man made port, this Zone developed on the low lands between the English and Scottish culture based Zones. It is bordered by 2 large rivers the ocean and the (foot) hills. Economic drives stem from farming of; grain, sheep, beef and dairy. Here we find the local people in their typical New Zealand local environment close to many exciting recreational opportunities.  



Cultural Exchange

Adventure Activities
Our main adventure is meeting the local Maori people who show us their colourful traditional culture through their warm welcome, hangi feast and an evening of wonderful entertainment. Other activities available include: farm visits, coastal walks involving sand and rock beaches and an excellent Maori culture information centre. more>


The land and coast affected by volcanic lava flows that reach the ocean and and now protect the settlements from the wild Pacific storms. 


In this zone we experience a thriving community built on agriculture and a man made shipping port. Of special interest fir studies are New Zealand's Maori people and New Zealand's agricultural industries.

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