New Zealand Student Tours

Active Volcano Zone
Discover New Zealand's best volcano experiences with, geysers, fumaroles, boiling mud, geothermal power, giant calderas. 

Stemming from the cities Rotorua and Taupo there are also rives, rainforests, nature parks and adventures all create fun, activity and wonderment.

●   World Heritage Area
●  Geysers, boiling mud, fumaroles more>
●  Active caldera lakes  more>
●   Desert lands  more>
●  Sumptuous hot geothermal pools more>
●  Geothermal power stations  more>
●  Volcano museum & education centres  more>
●  North Island adventure playground more>
●  Maori art & culture show & displays more>
●  Popularagriculture show & displays  more>
●  Premier
nature park  more>
●  Forestry & tourism industries.   

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Find the world's biggest variety of volcanoes in a small area. These are New Zealand's youngest and most popular for visitors.  Explore the wide variety of geographic and Maori culture features with attractive educational displays and information centres. Ash has created rich horticulture industries and attractive desert landscapes.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities
We view the extra ordinary natural volcano and geothermal features with geysers, boiling mud, steaming hot pools, fumaroles and geothermal power stations.   This Zone also excels with great Maori culture displays, farm shows, nature parks and excellent confidence building challenges.  Take a fantastic walking train World Heritage area.   more>

Geography Studies

Geography / Natural Sciences
Interested groups explore in greater depth the history, processes and consequences of  the Active volcanic activity.   more>

Humanities /Social Studies

Humanities /Social Studies
This zone best portrays the most aspects of the wonders of the Maori culture. Interested groups can concentrate the time on the shopping, meeting the locals while becoming familiar with exploring volcano, farm service and tourist settlements. 

 take you there - A world concentration of active volcanoes