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Main Population Zone
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This is the largest Zone encompassing most of the North Island and northern South Island. The soft fertile land has eroded into steep ridges, gullies and extensive floodplains  Many large cities, and towns support the intense agricultural production. The climate is mild with northern sub tropical temperatures.

●  75% of New Zealand's most diverse population more>
●  New Zealand's most productive agriculture lands,  more>
●  Accessible karst lands & caves more>
●  Most advance fun parks
Centre of government.   

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Photo Gallery


There are many walks, man made challenges, shops, restaurants, museums, beaches, view points, etc to explore. They can be enjoyed in all the towns and cities. 
KANES take interested groups to the more spectacular of these features.

Geography Studies


Highly productive soft soils have been collected and uplifted from the ocean floor by tectonic subduction. processes.  Rain and rivers have sliced valleys and spread the debris into large flat alluvial plains. Tidal surges have washed deep channels in the slow river estuaries around the coast.  There are areas of limestone and old volcanic outcrops.   more>

Social Studies

Industries of whaling, gold, timber, rope making all soon were replaced by farming and exotic forestry   Wars between some Maori tribes and European settlers caused only a hesitation in the drive to develop the rich forest lands into productive farms.

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