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Understanding our world


New Zealand has many special areas of unique plants and animals that have evolved without the predators of other land masses. 

Only creatures that could fly, swim or float reached the new land uplifted from the ocean.  Affected by violent ice ages and climatic changes the successful life forms have mutated to their own unique species during the short 75 million year life span of New Zealand .

By observing the fascinating nature of life and its complex interactions to survive and propagate, many enthralled guests seek more knowledge and build careers around the subject .   

Biology studies for trees answers questions like:-
Why do trees have trunks?
Why do trees aim to grow so tall?
How do trees cope with freeloaders.
How do trees compete for food?
How do trees propagate?
How do trees cope with extreme weather?
How can we make trees more productive?
How to mitigate adverse affects.
How to avoid and control disease.

Industrial Biology
Food and clothing industries need special knowledge and skills to grow and protect the plants and animals for our sustenance. 

Biology scientists  are constantly breeding and developing animals and plants to improve production. 

Unique Flora & Fauna
New Zealand's life began just 75 million years ago when its lands rose from the oceans.  The forest seeds arrived on the winds from the breaking Gondwanaland mega continent. They thrived alone without modern herbivores.  Birds and small animals occasionally arrived in the winds and rafts.  Towering mountains created many diverse microclimates for the the different plants to thrive without animals destroying them.  more>

Dinosaur Rainforests
We explore the complex interaction and living communities thriving as they were when dinosaurs lived among them.  We see their environment and the struggles the individuals meet to obtain nourishment and  protection in a very competitive environments.

Nature Parks
Nature Parks let us safely get close to and learn about the wild animals and plants.  Te these places we find the amazing kiwi.  more>


There are no snakes but this is one unique living reptile that goes back long before the demise of the dinosaurs.  more>

National Parks
Visitors explore different special, stunningly beautiful National Parks. Each has walks and information centres that explain the life 
MuseumShag.jpg (13090 bytes) Special coastal life
There are studies available on special plants and animals on the land in the sand and involving tidal pools.

Observe different ways mankind works to ensure the survival of NZ's unique native flora and fauna as well as the bio security of its farm produce.

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Creatures from the past
Over 30 different species of birds have left only bones since men arrived in New Zealand.   Biology explores the remains, finds the reasons for their demise and looks at ways to protect and preserve the current endangered species.


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