New Zealand Student Tours
Action Education

                Knowledge Building        

On-site, hands-on experiences based on the groups objectives assist with exam success.

During early planning discussions, teachers specify the subjects of special interest to the group. KANES then build their itinerary to ensure time and locations enable these subjects to feature to the desired degree.

Physical Geography 
 Erosion   Coasts  Glaciers  Rivers  Volcanoes   Geology  Earthquakes  Weather 

Settlements   Industries   Cultures   HistorySocial & Life skills  Food production   Engineering  Arts

   Biology  Conservation

New Zealand offers world's greatest variety of learning experiences in one compact area.   Dominating are:

●  Physical Geography

●  Humanities

Within these, visitors experience a vast number of different  learning aspects that keep them fully enjoying their learning experiences for the duration.

Behind these subjects guests learn to understand the importance of the Sciences taught in class.

On-site Locations
These ensure guests gain a deeper interest and understanding of the specified subjects.

Diaries and photographs
Save important touring time by quickly capturing, measuring and sampling  ready for recall on home projects.

Work sheets
Useful guides to find and record necessary project material required for the curriculum specifications.

Evening lectures
Power Point illustrations revise and explain the main points for the specified subjects history, processes and predictions.  Teachers frequently have their own library files to include.

Information / Education Centres
At various locations these provide
specific insights and knowledge of aspects of the chosen subject. 

Guest Speakers / Instructors provide the personal touch and feelings for the subject of interest.  They also add the local conceptions and terminology.  

 make it happen - safely
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