New Zealand Student Tours

Understanding our world

Physics / Engineering

Everywhere we find machines, energy and structures to enthrall physics and mathematics students.

We find it in thrill rides and travelling but its in so much more.

erial lifts
See the material their shapes and attachments to all designed to withstand the forces of nature.
New Zealand water ways change violently with deluges. Engineering skills are needed to ensure the safety of roads and towns for these frequent events.    
See how they are built to withstand the forces of wind and earthquakes

Suspension bridges
These use wire, rocks and wood.
Steel Arches
Explore various steel arches used for modern bridges and buildings.
Stone, arches
How to build tunnels bridges and churches with stone bricks.

Wooden & steel trusses
 Explore the distribution of forces through series of straight rods carefully designed for bridges, viaducts and buildings.

Pre stressed concrete
Modern ways to
construct stronger bridges and buildings.
Unique engineering 
Some problems call for new ideas and concepts. to carry roads along steep unstable valley walls.

Heat transfer & insulation
Body heat regulation
Why do we feel cold when heat passes away?  How do we make heat in our bodies? How do we loose it? How do we keep comfortable in cold conditions?

Exploring forces of air
Why planes fly

Gold extraction
Explore its uses to extract gold, see how it destroys cities, explore how to cause it and how to protect cities from it using engineering .

Floatation vehicles
How iron floats
see how design, physics and engineering makes this work for human advantages.
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The power of steam
Coal power. 
There are several steps and processes involved but they are all simple to understand and admire.
River power
Explore the workings of HEP more>

The math of water flows & measurements
Measuring rivers
Measure flow rates and river discharge volumes needed for usages and protections

The sciences of gas cooking
Heat with water
Over a meal learn why water boils, what is latent heat energy, its applications, and its risks.
Potential and kinetic energy
Find the many simple applications of this science during the tour.
Hear echoes from our calls. Did you know a whisper can be heard a 100 metres away?  Find out why and imagine how the applications might be used.
Suspended Platform
Where the forces go to make it safely stay.
Work from water Explore old ways of capturing and using water energy.

How cold erodes mountains
Observe the huge forces that shatter mountains.
Metal manipulation
Factories of the time produced steam engines, trains, boats, farm equipment, power stations and more by using iron and copper shaped for the purpose.
Its a clear liquid in a solid state. It can also be crafted into numerous shapes using chemicals heat and power.
Diary industry
This uses all the sciences we know.  It ultimately  provide us with highly desirable milk powder.
Water cold slices mountains.
Information centres offer easy to follow examples of science.

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