New Zealand Student Tours

International Flight


Enjoy the world of long distance travel and learn the protocols, security checks and duty free shopping 

Encounter hundreds of strangers and huge buildings. Then you are locked into your plane experiencing the awesome acceleration of take off and the sights of the city as you ascend into the sky.

Now can you sit back and enjoy the hospitality of the airlines.

Soon you will be crossing New Zealand's spectacular Southern Alps and numerous rivers. The engines go quiet.   After popping ears, the roar of breaks you are are in a new world, new time, new culture and so much more.  

A cluster of new faces; everything is different; relaxed - signs, clothing, accents and weather. You are in different country.

There is a friendly face to greet you. Welcome to New Zealand. 

Observe the security and safety systems used to protect countries from drugs, terrorism, illegal immigrants and  unwanted diseases.

Engineering students will marvel at the wonders of the buildings, plane and its operations of flight.

See the different people and the cultures. There are those on holiday and those with a mission. 

tailor your experiences to meet your interests