New Zealand Student Tours


Physical Geography
See the worlds biggest variety geographic wonders in the smallest amount of space and time. 

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Colliding tectonic giants meet here.  They twist, shatter and uplift the towering alps.  Magma oozes while copious water carves and sculptures.

Itineraries often cross the rare land based fault that joins two of the planet's largest and fastest moving plates.

Starting with the basic 3, we develop our knowledge of the stuff we use to build our roads buildings, and farms.

Created by the immense subduction forces there are many different volcanoes found throughout New Zealand. See how they work their dangers and how they aid human settlement. more>


Earthquake Devastation
It's a very rare event for a large city to be hit so badly.  Now is a once-in-a life-time opportunity to witness the effects before it is shelved into history. more>

Giant Glaciers
Discover their magnitude and erosive power as they shape the land that cradles them. more>

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Amazing Rivers
See them moving mountains and creating fertile farming plains. Learn of their power, uses and dangers.  more>

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Spectacular Coasts
High powered waves and strong drifting currents shape fascinating features, and  lay down new lands with the contributions from glaciers and rivers.  more>

Wild Karst Lands
Because New Zealand has been uplifted from ancient oceans we frequently find these fascinating landscapes and see how they are they are used for tourism, recreation and agriculture. more>

Diverse Weather
New Zealand's weather is varied, sometimes violent and contains numerous microclimates.  The prevailing Roaring 40's carry storms that strike the uplifting mountains deluging one side while leaving the other parched and desolate. more>


Forceful Erosion Processes
Guests encounter numerous identified erosion processes (involving physics and chemistry).  more>

Observe how mankind works to protect the unique beautiful nature, industries and settlements by managing risks of floods, earthquakes, and landslides. more>


Pristine Lakes
These stunning features are formed from glaciers, tectonic movements, enormous landslides and man-made dams.  We learn to identify the different types their life cycles and their uses for human industry. more>

Fascinating Caves
Most are formed by the action of water with limestone and the erosion of ocean waves into the coast. Some are made with volcanic lava.  more>


A break in the Adventure and Desert Zone.

Formed by the protection of the high mountains these lands provide their own unique life forms, scenery, more>


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Mysterious Rocks
The photo says it all.  How can nature make these?  more>

A taste of Antarctica
The International Antarctic Centre provides realistic portrayals of the completely different landscapes that so many other lands resembled during the planet's Ice Ages.  more>

Geothermal Pools

Water with tectonic heat from deep below often finds release at the accessible surface.  The pools are heavenly for tired travelers and walkers.  We can learn how this energy is harnessed for electricity. more>

Map Reading & Navigation
With a very clear and contrasting topography, New Zealand offers the best possible areas for developing and learning this skill. more




Textbooks have their place.

  take you to the places of interest explaining the formations:
bringing additional pleasure to travel and career opportunities.