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By understanding previous human activities, causes, errors and achievements we grow our own wisdom.

Guests interested in history follow easy timelines to compare other world events. As with all societies there are many heroes, pioneers, politicians who made major changes to improve the life of their settlers.  There are also many conflicts, disasters, wars, errors of judgment, that all add to our wisdom that enables us to make good decisions in the future. 

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Up to 1820's  Maori dominated NZ

For 900 years the Maori folk lived as hunter-gatherers using stone age technologies tribal groupings, their own unique language and culture.

1820's First European Settlers

Generally the Maori  welcomed new settlers arriving for with their wonderful technologies and Christian teachings.


1850s Mass Settlement began

Vast areas of land became available attracting investors, workers and farmers fleeing from sever recessions and famines in Britain.   Finding places for harbours, roads and settlements to service the farmers were among the main priorities.

1860's Maori Fought Back
Feeling overwhelmed often cheated by with uncontrollable human influx Some tribes retaliated with violence.  We can explore the causes and results of these deadly struggles and cultural intolerances.

1870's - Gold Rushes
At different locations rich gold discoveries bought greater explosions of modern European settlement and more wealth to the fledging modern country. Industry, towns and transport systems exploded in these new inland regions. and they prospered on gold for 4 decades -  then they faded. and still are declining today

1900s Agriculture grew eight fold
As the gold ran out miners left to purchase farms being split from the large land holdings established for the first generation of settler farmers. Agriculture grew through many innovations and difficulties involving very hard labour to provide the country's main income.

 History shares experiences to grow wisdom