New Zealand Student Tours

Build your popularity


During the tour you will have many effective opportunities to encourage others to like and respect you.
Those special people will think more of you when they see you are trusted and liked by the others.
   There are many different ways travellers can build their popularity:

●  Develop more skills and strengths
●  Extended limits if your abilities
Plan and instigate new activities
●  Show respect to others
●  Make more
●  Develop communication & social skills
●  Respect others ideas, homes, treasurers and beliefs
Help meet the needs of others
●  Assist others meet their goals
●  Respect rules and follow guidelines
●  Build and share your knowledge
●  Help others avoid dangers and risks

Communicate clearly

Learn more and practice your skills of sharing your thoughts and feelings to help others. Practice asking for assistance to make things happen in the team.


Etiquette skills

Learn internationally accepted ways of formal dining so you will be at ease at restaurants amid strangers. Help them be at ease with you too.  Learn and practice meeting their expectations so you grow their welcome, respect and acceptance of you.

Learn to be clean

Discover the sciences, skills and expectations of others for staying healthy. With these, they will trust you. KANES provide written expectations and the tour staff explain more to help people to be accepted and liked by their travelling companions.
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Be a productive team member

Be a productive team member
When something needs to be done you will more popular when you are the person who can work with others to ensure it is done.  Opportunities are everywhere  for you as a member of a team aiming to meet many group  travelling objectives every day.

Safe food handling & cooking

Serve them food
Show them you have the knowledge and skills to provide food.  People will never be popular for long if they cannot provide food for their friends and their own families. Many of KANES groups have the chance to learn more by sharing in the art of providing meals.   

Help them get started

Help them with difficulties
Show them you are thinking of them and you are ready to help them overcome their difficulties.  Know when they need you and when they want to be left alone.


Choose the right clothing

Explore how to use clothing effectively for protection and for making your statement. Discover the balance between its costs and its benefits. Learn how to take care of clothes so they last longer.
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Share with others
Share with others
Make more friends by finding the suitable opportunities for sharing your enjoyment, food and possessions so others get the best fun from every event.   Prove to everyone that you are responsible, respectful, considerate fun loving and adaptable. 

Share tasks enthusiastically
Share tasks with enthusiasm
Tasks to contribute to the operation of the tour are distributed to all passengers.  They are not difficult, long or onerous

When people help the group with reliability and enthusiasm they show the others that they are a good team participant for the people they will associate with throughout their lives. These attributes attract respect friends.  


Share your exhilaration
Share your exhilaration
Thrilling experiences and challenges overcome help you break out and show your emotions so others can know and trust you better.  Your tour has several such opportunities.

Show them you can do it
Accept the challenges
They may be hard, frightening and tiring for you but to take your challange to its end or as far as you can go helps them know you are prepared to give your best while staying safe and your popularity will grow because of it.

make it happen