New Zealand Student Tours


Travel Skills

To travel you need the skills for living plus the ability to be adaptable, likable, patient, and safe. But wait, there's more:-

With the guidance of caring experienced teachers you gain knowledge and experience with customs formalities, booking systems, punctuality, patience, risk awareness, independence,  luggage requirements, packing skills, new foods, different routines, budgeting, coping with fatigue, time management, and more:-

Making memories

Learn to use your camera to better capture the memories and sights you may never experience again. 

Learn the sciences and meet expectations of your companions skills to prevent illness and for staying healthy.

Control  fear and avoid real dangers

Keep safe
Face scary but safe stuff. Learn to understand the consequences and recognise the signs of real dangers.   Understand and follow the many techniques to avoid injury, illness and unsafe contact with other people.


Learn how to plan and prioritise personal spending.  This skill will ensure you optimise your travel budget and help you build financial wealth for life.

Free Adventures

Time management skills
Free time and tour deadlines provide guidlines for guests to plan their own activity priorities and meet them as planned.

 take you there  There's more to travelling than you think