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New Zealand was rising from the oceans when the dinosaurs disappeared.  Only rafts and wings could bring them here to a unique predator free paradise.

When man arrived there were over 60 unique species of unique birds and a few reptiles thriving after 60 million years living alone.

First settlers found the world's largest bird, the world's largest eagle, the world's largest parrot, the world's largest insect, the world's largest snail, and the oldest reptile.

Ecology Upheaval
Study groups can explore how human activities destroyed half if the species. With the help of guest speakers museums, nature parks, national reserves they also examine restoration and conservation programs to help the survival of the remaining creatures.

KANES  take interested groups to appropriate animal parks and visit a number of locations and Zones where some of these creatures actually live - (including Kiwi).

We encounter also many introduced animals and we see why these creatures thrive causing the demise of the natives.

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