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Coasts of New Zealand

New Zealand's coasts are shaped by strong sea currents, copious river deposits, violent storm waves and uplifting tectonic movements.

Look for the shore animals, seals, fish and plant life. There are great sights for keen photographers, have a game on the beach.   Meet the locals who are surfing, swimming and fishing.

  visit the best sites for providing learning examples of the subjects of interest to each group. We generally learn to understand the causes, processes, effects, uses, management systems and controls involving the features of interest. encounter.  Audio visuals at national parks, education centres and museums also assist with coastal studies.

ogi32dn.jpg (10314 bytes) Spherical Rocks.
On one wild beach we encounter most unusual giant spherical boulders seeded and grown in a unique geological soup uplifted and exposed.  
4gs141.jpg (22975 bytes) Dunes & Drifting
Dunes can be found in most of the coastal zones. 
143.jpg (11280 bytes) Estuaries & Spits.
Due to strong coastal currents and vast numbers of rivers there are many different estuaries all constantly changing. Spits are less  common


Drifting deposits  

New Zealand's spectacular drowned glacier-carved valleys are world leaders.  Found in the Fiord Zone 


KANES  hunt these out for interested groups
Wave erosion.
There are many features shaped by the strong ocean waves that crash into the lands uninterrupted


Waves high & low energy

We learn why harbour locations are scarce. Visits to different shipping harbours include many different geographic features incl:- volcanoes, tidal estuaries,  lava reefs, headlands and rivers mouths.

Blow holes
Blow holes
Another uncommon phenomena found at the famous Pancake rocks relies of a combination of unusual geographic circumstances.
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See here also:-
Limestone erosion forming
Wave caves,
Wave cut platforms
Surge pools

Basking and breeding areas in some parts of the coast reveal these wild creatures resting, nursing swimming and playing. Study groups learn about life cycles and history of mass slaughter of the 1800s.
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Lava Reefs.
Lava reefs.
We can explore the remarkable volcanic deposits that flowed over 20 km to reach the coast.  Today, these old flows are vital for a local community to hold back the destructive erosion of the ocean and support the storm protection systems of its shipping harbour.

Christchurch Coasts.
Long sand beaches, estuaries, dunes,  wetlands and rocky outcrops all feature here.
kpa2look.jpg (32328 bytes)
Beach Combing
Beach Combing
The beaches can provide free souvenirs.  Violent weather, tectonics, and strong costal currents enable intriguing driftwood and beautifully polished stones to be collected.  Take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the environment.

Beaches and Sand Deposits
Coastal walks
Walking experiences open the variety  of coastal features available to us. Walking
builds confidence, stamina, health and well being. They are chosen according to the interests stamina and time available. (each 15 min to 2 hours duration)   more>


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