New Zealand Learning Adventures
Action Education

Confidence Building Adventures

Exciting activities challenge unrealistic fear barriers and develop personal confidence, wisdom and respect through knowledge and life skills.

Customers indicate their own preferred  activities and learning objectives and these become part of KANES quotations.

Snow Skiing
Pristine alpine environments thrilling new challenges more>

International travel
It's fast, busy and exciting; formalities, customs and thrilling power of the aircraft.  See how it all works, and observe airline industry careers. 

Jet Boats
Skim rivers, steam lakes, cruise fiords, explore nature, history and history more>

Luge Racing
Thrill of self driving and speed amidst amazing scenery 


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Antarctic Centre Blizzard
This multi-million dollar adventure is included with other unique polar experiences. 

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Helicopter flying
Then land on the top of a glacier - WOW!!!

Aerial Cable Lifts
Challenge fear of heights

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White water rafting
Experience the thrilling power of flowing water.  Learn how to be safe and confident in rivers.

Night rainforest walks
Go deep into the silent darkness of an ancient dinosaur rainforest where deadly carnivores are the terror of the night insect world.

Bungy Jumping
"Two seconds of terror -  A memory for life"


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Walking Trails
Builds confidence, stamina, health and well being greatest natural sights. Take a different trail every day.

Ice-mobile Ride
Steep hills, ●  Deep crevasse ●  Freezing lake ●  and more.  Tighten your seat belt!

Rainforest Sky Walk
Overview the forest canopy; up to 45 metres above the ground


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Meet Strange Animals
See for yourself amazing kiwi, a cheeky kea, and other original unique fauna.

Take some gentle exercise, build balance skills, water confidence in the grandeur of a giant river canyon.

Adrenaline Forest 
This is one of the several high rope activities to challenge fear and develop healthy confidence.


Fear Factory
The experience we fear to describe.

Winter snow fun

Winter snow fun
Between May and October your fun-loving KANES guide will make every possible effort to safely access great fun opportunities for a snow fight, some climbing and sliding. Capture those photos.

Winter Snow Slide
Take a tube ride and speed down a specially prepared ice slide at exciting speeds.

Cave Exploring
Access amazing glow worms, see different geography in action and safely challenge your fears.  


Hot Pools
Relax in soothing embraces and  social enjoyment


Ice Skating

Ice Skating
Experience a different aspect of winter outdoors with skating unrepentantly challenging and fun.

Puzzling World

Three dimensional maze
Test your skills, brain power and patience in one of the world's greatest challenge centres.

Para Sailing
Fly fly, high take a bird's eye view of the amazing grandeur.

Bike riding
See more of best sights, exercise and the breath in the refreshing air.

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Steamboat Ride
Live some history with a genuine historic service from history.

Giant Swings
As exciting as bungy jumping these offer different aspect of the challenge.

Sky Diving
An ultimate thrill and challenge that only a few aspire to achieve.

Water slides
These offer some relaxation after a hard day of learning activities.


Horse riding
Experience the thrill of learning to trust and cooperate with a different living creature that make its own choices relating to safely, balance and finding the correct path. 

Mud Mobiles 
Enjoy an exciting thrill adventure with self-drive farm bikes through mud, over hills and through forests - develop confidence.

Guided Glacier Walks
Unique challenge of balance and walking skills surrounded by towering alpine grandeur.


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Black water rafting
Explore the amazing underground world of rivers and lakes.  With all the necessary equipment and professional guides we walk to a deep limestone cave and using tubes we float through vast silent caverns.

Iceberg encounter
Small motor boats take us across the forming Tasman Glacier Lake to the snout of New Zealand's largest Glacier at Mt Cook.

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Snow fun
We can find free fun with snow between May and October.  Your fun-loving KANES guide will make every possible effort to safely access these great fun opportunities.

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Rock climbing
Enjoy an extreme challenge towards the rewards of advanced mountain climbing. KANES employ highly qualified instructors who use recognised, modern, fail-safe methods and equipment.  Rock climbing builds personal confidence, concentration skills and physical strength.

Zip Line

Zip Lines
High above the ground  these thrilling rides offer a challenge for the high thrill seeker.

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Camping out
Living in the wilderness creates:- confidence, skills, knowledge of nature and camaraderie.


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Water Challenges


Fun Park
Take a half day and enjoy some of the most thrilling rides of your life at Auckland's "Rainbows End" - New Zealand's Premier fun park.
niakltwr2.JPG (22905 bytes) High Buildings
Take high speed lift to the viewing platform of Auckland's city centre 328 metre tower. Take the challenge to experience the exciting views through the glass floor.  This tests your courage.

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Health & Safety Assurance

Health & Safety Assurances
Safety is always the first consideration. KANES and their operators adhere to the safety requirements of their customers, their own policies and those laid down by the New Zealand government authorities.   more>

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