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Of particular concern to New Zealand are:  fire, pests, predators, pollution, infestations and erosion.

Over 100 million years separated from the rest of the world have enabled unique flora, fauna and landscapes to evolve within New Zealand.  Then in just an eye blink of time, humans began its destruction.

Primary Podocarp Rainforests*

 Mountain Parrot  "Kea"*

Pre Dinosaur "Tuatara"


Nature Parks

Rivers management & uses

Alpine Conservation

It's special nature attracts visitors world wide to view the special landscapes and unique geography, flora and fauna.*

An international study of 109 countries in 2006 says New Zealand has the clearest air, least rubbish, cleanest rivers, freshest food and best drinking water.

We see the importance of preserving natural resources through good management.

We learn how introduced life forms (bacteria, plants, animals and insects) change and compromise this unique ecology.  

Each Theme Zone reveals its own variety of natural resources being managed and used for human settlement.

We learn how "invaders" are displacing native life forms and and natural geography and we explore the ways they reduce their affect.

Interested groups visit National Parks*,  information Centres Nature Parks where there are illustrations, and examples of the many factors that affect endangered species.

We look at the economic effects of damaged rivers and hills. To do this we learn about erosion and its effects on human industry and settlements.

National Parks



See also Conservation in:-

Mining Milling Zone*

Glacier Scenic Zone*

Alpine Trails Zone*

English Culture & Volcano Zone*



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