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Meet New Cultures


Meeting new cultures is inspiring.  They widen our understandings and respect for those who follow different life styles, beliefs and outlooks on life.

Maori culture

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Arts & sports


Unique Maori culture
We can make close contact with and gain insights into the fascinating and vastly distinctive culture developed for thousands of years within a completely different environment isolated in the tropical Pacific.

New merging culture
We can learn to see differences through arts, architecture, town planning, legends, clothing, lifestyles, teachings, language, accents, history  and education. By witnessing the dynamic blending of  "Western", Maori and "Eastern" cultures into a new unique "New Zealand" culture visitors can better understand and accept the similar processes occurring in their own countries .   

With knowledge, experience and understanding of other peoples' cultures our "fears" of strange "beliefs" and customs deminish.

Special Studies
We can investigate a huge gulf the Maori people face as they leap from the "Stone Age" to the "Computer Age" in just a few hectic decades.

Stone Age Settlers

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