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Physical Geography

Desert Lands


A break in the Adventure and Desert Zone.

We find desert lands in several theme zones where mountains reduce rainfall.

New Zealand deserts are tiny compared to world standards taking less than 2 hrs to cross.

They provide a realistic taste of the different desert areas that take vast wilderness elsewhere on our planet.

We see land forms similar to those of Afghanistan,  Israel, Patagonia, Africa, India and many other of the world's deserts.

Because of the climatic seasons, NZ deserts can be range in temperatures between -20 deg C and +35 deg C. 

Deserts are never far from delightful mountains, rivers, lakes and settlements.

Deserts offer wonderful colours and shapes to savor and photograph.

Adventure Groups
enjoy rafting, swimming, climbing, walking, camping and jet boating.

Study Groups may search out the plants, rocks, erosion processes, conservation issues, farming developments and invasive pests.

Farming Deserts
Today, we discover significant areas of the New Zealand deserts being used for farming as a consequence of developing irrigation techniques and soil manipulation providing interested groups a wealth of curriculum and general learning opportunities.

KANES  guides can explain the processes, causes and results of the many types of deserts and other aspects of interest to each group.  


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