New Zealand Student Tours


The top of the Fox Glacier
Nevé: where glaciers begin

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Glaciers plummet at great speeds

Guided glacier walk

Glacier Snout

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Sculptured by Ice

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Scenic and Glacier Zone   

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Icebergs in a glacier terminal

(Frozen) Glacier Terminal Lake

Glacier Snout

During the ice ages huge glaciers filled the hollows of today's lakes and valleys. These breathtaking monsters sculptured the land moving billions of tonnes of material. 

We learn to understand how glaciers are formed and carve the deep and awesome valleys we enjoy today. New Zealand has over 3,000 glaciers. 

Audio visuals, information centres, helicopter flights, commentaries, written notes and work sheets all to help interested groups understand the processes involved with:-
●  Formation
●  Flow
●  Size proportions
●  "Rapids"
●  Ice falls
Remnant valleys
Icebergs - their creation and demise
Lakes & kettles - made by glaciers
Conservation & Management

A waterfall cascades into the glacier-carved fiord at Milford.
Hanging valleys

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Helicopter ride to nevé


Alpine Grandeur Zone   

Alpine Trails Zone   

Fiords Zone

 Snowfield where a glacier begins

 take you there - safely