New Zealand Student Tours

Aerial Cable Lifts

These lifts offer a challenge to fear of heights helping to round personalities.


A gondola


Ski fields

At the top of each gondola there are excellent viewing platforms, gift shops, snack shops, restaurants and more thrilling activities such as Luge rides, chair lifts, paragliding, bungee rockets and bungy jumping.

Action Education
KANES guides explain aspects of interest to the groups. On view are various fascinating geographical features and their formation. 

Groups can improve their understanding of the lifts engineering  (physics), tourism, business management, safety systems and management.

These are 4 person capsules suspended on a moving cable. They are located at places that offer great inaccessible panoramic views and top grade entertaining and learning adventure activities.  KANES usually include at least one of these exciting rides in every tour.

These offer another thrilling challenge and are part of the fun of luging and skiing.


take you there - exquisite panoramas