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Industries NZ

New Zealand industries mainly relate to agriculture, tourism, energy, and mining.

KANES help interested groups explore the industries of specific interest to them by providing visits, lectures, and hands on experiences.

About half of the of the land area in New Zealand is used for food production and exports.  It is the country's largest income producer.  The most common farm products include:- dairy, lamb, beef, grains, fruit, vegetables and marine products. more>

New Zealand has a growing competitive tourist industry that has developed on its variety of natural attractions, scenery and fun for all budgets. Study groups  more>

Hydro Electric Power 
Interested groups explore New Zealand's biggest HEP schemes involving dams, canals, storage, generation and transportation of power.    Three of New Zealand's largest rivers generate more than 80% of the country's power. more>

Geothermal power
A visit to the geothermal bores enables us to understand the creation extraction, treatment and transportation of superheated steam for use at a large nearby power station. more>


Gold mining

Gold was found in three main areas of New Zealand. Its discovery  in the 1860s bough huge wealth and population increases that  launched many settlements - some survive and some faded away. more>

Coal Mining
Discover another declining industry being replaced with other energy.  Both open-cast and underground mines operate in New Zealand.  Coal museums offer the best opportunities for safe learning on the subject. more>

Exotic pines are the main source of  New Zealand's large timber production.  These trees grow well and quickly and are used for local construction and export.   


Discover the arts of recovery, preparation and manufacture of jewellery. Skilled technicians create a viable jewellery and an economic industry. more>

Glass blowing

A tourist display provides a good opportunity to see different aspects of applied chemistry and physics. more>

Chocolate Factory
A guided tour of the factory reveals the history and development of the product beginning with tasting the beans.  Free samples and a two tonne "chocolate fall" are just awesome and keeps us hooked. more>

European settlers prioritised education for new settlements to develop and prosper. Interested groups visit the various institutions and learn about the way the country supports them. 

 We can explore differences and less common forms and uses of transport systems.  Access ways in New Zealand are varied with mountains, rivers and coasts all imposing a large influence on networks.   more>

This is one of many smaller industries that can be visited and enable guests to find more about their aspects of science and business operation.
Other Industries include:-

Meat processing

Business Studies
Al industries need knowledge and skills to operate a business.   With KANES help interested groups can gain insights into different operations and learn of the factors that make them fly.  more>  

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