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Jet Boats

"Most thrilling water rides - ever"  Invented by a New Zealander for New Zealand's shallow fast-flowing rivers. 

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KANES choose operators that offer the best fun with considerations to safety, price and tour time involvement.

High-powered motors force enormous volumes of water from the rear of the boat.  These boats are fast, highly manoeuvrable and "scare the pants off you"

Well trained, fun-loving drivers take you screaming through exciting canyons, shaving jagged rocks and skimming the shallows -

Longer rides take you skimming and bouncing over large lakes and stunning tree lined rivers.   Watch out for the spins - hang on!

NOTE.  All jet boats are licensed to meet strict safety standards for carrying passengers. 

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Jet boating

 Make it happen.  "One of the most thrilling boat rides ever".