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Leadership is an ART that develops throughout life.  Our world always needs good leaders.

Skilled leaders can launch into greater careers, attract helpers and build wealth to share with all. Leaders know how to communicate, enthuse and invite others to work towards a their goal in the easiest and most enjoyable way. 

With KANES you have the best conditions possible to practice and develop the skills needed to lead others into performing tasks that help everyone involved

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 Art & Performance

Silent communication skills
Discover the art and then practice the expressions and postures that make others like you. These can be developed to influence and motivate others to meet objectives you set.
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Improve team outcomes

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Be generous

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Share your space

Do it first - help others join in

Work hardest

Show confidence

Learn from the best
On tour, teachers demonstrate leadership skills admirably.  These folk are respected, trusted, trained professionals with proven leadership skills. You may never have another chance to learn from such excellent professionals again.

Observe group members
They will display leadership in the rooms, while shopping, at the dining table and when doing duties. 

Observe how they care for their "followers". See how some are open, welcoming and fun.  Observe how they choose and tackle tasks then delegate portions to others so the tasks are completed. Note how they support the policies and objectives of the group.

Be a good follower too
Learn how it feels to be accepted, appreciated, and successfully complete a task as a team member.

Build respect
Demonstrate your knowledge, confidence and skills.  Make wise decisions for the group. Understand and help others obtain their (wise) goals.

Practice leadership
Ask for help to complete a task.  Try building a team. Show your appreciation. Create and lead an event, activity or competition. Critique your performance and be ready for the next opportunity.

Take the opportunities
- Help a sad person
- Lead your duty group
- Answer questions (wisely)
- Participate in group discussions
- Show confidence with new people
- Share your good ideas
- Help others to succeed
- Be first to do it then encourage

NEVER give up
Not every attempt will be successful - look for the next opportunity to practice leadership skills - they are everywhere.

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