New Zealand Student Tours

Skills for living

  provide an environment for guests to explore the best ways to confidently move to independence and accept leadership roles.

By living with other people, guests learn how others see them: They can then change the habits and mannerisms that block their personality and popularity development.

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Make new friends

Building popularity
See how others see you and seek out the numerous skills that make others like you.   Remember your body shape or colour is not the main requirement for popularity.


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Learn to be a good team member
Being a good team member
Successful team members help their team meet team tasks with fun and achievement. These skills obtain better career positions when income becomes important for a quality life.

Develop Leadership Skills

Developing leadership skills
Our world always needs good leaders. Leadership is an ART that develops throughout life. 

Learn to
make fun and enjoy the fun with others
Enjoying fun with other people
Fun with others is excellent when there are no harmful consequences or problems passed on to others*.  Laughs, games and silliness all have an important part of our well being throughout our lives.

* NOTE:  Younger adults are often unaware of these consequences; therefore there are important rules and guidelines groups must follow.

Learn table etiquette
Appreciating table etiquette
Every culture has its own accepted ways of sharing meals and other activities.  Opportunities are everywhere for guests to observe and learn the rules of fine dining and formally interacting when meeting new people.  These skills help you immensely with career development and the pleasure of being comfortable and learning from wise strangers.
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Learn to make new friends 
Skills to build friendships 
Friendships develop quickly when people have practiced the special skills to be liked and trustworthy.  Tour staff offer guests the many ideas, examples and guidelines to help guests develop these wonderful "social" skills


Learn budgeting skills
Budgeting skills
A lot of poverty can be avoided with good skills to calculate spending money needed for living, savings and emergencies. The tour offers an ideal opportunity to see how well you use these skills. 


Try new foods
Try new foods
Visitors can enjoy a large variety of new international and local cuisines to broaden the variety of foods that help maintain good health.

Learn to prepare meals

Making better meals
Teams of volunteers prepare the group's safari meals with the help of an experienced staff member. In the processes they find new
ideas for cooking, hygiene, presentation, safe food handling, leadership, teamwork, communication skills and work ethics.


Travel Skills

Travel skills

Successful travellers understand customs formalities, punctuality, patience and risk management and respect for others with different ideas.

Successful travellers are persistent, polite, adaptable, punctual and patient.

They  know how to arrange and use different transport systems, use their possessions and money effectively , consume different foods, cope with fatigue and communicate effectively.

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