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Unique Stone Age Maori Culture

The local Moari culture goup provide KANES guest with a concert as part of their cultural exchange.


Hangi Feast


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See Historic home life

Meet the strong, proud, hospitable people launching from an isolated warring Stone Age tribal society into modern, computer age culture. 

Cultural Exchange
Activities begin with a traditional welcome to establishing trust and friendship. Traditional music dance and food ensure a popular and highly recommended evening of entertainment.

Hangi Meal
Extend your cultural exchange with this traditional feast prepared in the traditional manner, buried with hot rocks under the ground. 

Understanding Maori Culture
KANES  aim is to help guests understand this special stone age culture currently being lovingly preserved despite the pressures from a powerful modern densely populated society.  

Insights here help visitors to understand the forces and effects facing native cultures world-wide.

Historic Technology
Museums provide excellent displays on the Stone Age technologies used for hunting, farming, fighting, housing, transport, clothing and food.  
See Canterbury Museum *

Art & Buildings
At the north Island tourist centre we see the countries most complete

The Maori people travelled extensively on land, rivers and the oceans.   To day we marvel at their achievements coping with treacherous conditions. They showed the new European settlers their land trails  most of them are now used for modern roads and walking tracks. 

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War preparation  - Haka

Martial arts are demonstrated.

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