New Zealand Student Tours

Snow Skiing




"The Best Time Ever!"

choose the safest and most exciting areas ensuring each day is full.

Mountains provide exciting new environments full of challengers to grow confidence, and skills.

At the end of the first day, most folk are riding the exciting chair lifts.

At the end of the second day most new skiers are exhausted and ready for different experiences.

Items included
Ski equipment
Outer clothing
LIFT Passes
Ski Lessons
Large warm day shelters

Quality safety patrollers

Learning opportunities
* Alpine experience
* Balance skills
* Confidence with heights and speed
* Alpine weather
* Cold erosion examples
* Fitness 
* Social contacts

One or two days is usually enough for the majority of most groups

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"For first time in my life and I was to scared to go up on the big hill and I made a snow angel."

"I am great! Today was really exciting, because guess what I did today, I went skiing! We had seven hours at the ski field at Cardrona, the first hour was a lesson learning how to ski and just mainly the basic techniques. I had a fantastic time, and I became really pro (he he), and during the late stages of the day I was able to take the chair lifts up to one of the runs, and I had a great go with all of the other skiers. I did have some spectacular falls, where I fell head first and copped a face full of snow and in one fall, I got snow all up the back of my top and got all wet. But no broken bones!"

"I am having a great time over here a few up and downs but all well I went skiing and fell off the goin' up things and when I was the lesson o di not fall over I was happy with that and our instructor was called Barry and he was from England and now I can turn and everything"

"I have to use the poles because they make more stable than with none and one time I could not stop myself because I had no sticks and there was a little hill where the entrance is and I had to run into the wall and then I had to take my skies off to climb on the hill it was to hard to climb up sideways because it took so long the boots were so noisy but were committed and it was great day"

"We went skiing yesterday in the mountains and my muscles are so sore ouch."

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