New Zealand Student Tours



Explore fascinating features developed by massive earth forces constantly building, uplifting, twisting, shattering and tearing.

Land based continental plate junctions are uncommon.

Along with maps, stories, videos and photos KANES help interested groups understand the mechanics of these wonders movements and identify each of the land forms they sculpture.

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Intercontinental Fault line
From the satellite we see the line between the Indo  Australian and Pacific Plates.   Through  understanding we learn to predict the future. 

Uplifting Alps
Huge alps are rising. Billions of tonnes of new material uplifted each year while similar quantities are being removed to make new coastal plains.  more>


Uplifting mountains of hard granite have been sliced by glaciers and the debris deposited into the deep submarine subduction trench of the main fault lying just off the coast. - We find these amazing wonders in the Fiords Zone a World Heritage Area.  more>

Someone looks strong in the Alpine Grandeur Zone.

Folded rock
Immense tectonic forces bend the rock like putty as plates slide and compress against each other.  more>


Wellington Fault
See how a fault slices through a suburb of New Zealand's capital city. (see arrows). 

Moving mountain Fault-line

Mountain Faults
Witness shattered the land as two of the worlds biggest tectonic plates slide  quakes, slides, crags, lakes and volcanoes.

On land Alpine Fault

Alpine Fault
Satellites see the fault easily as it passes through the Mining & Milling zone and the Glacier Scenic zone.  Seeing it on the ground as we travel by is more of a challenge until you know the signs. more>

Fault made Harbour

Fault made Harbour
Traversing movements in Wellington are ripping open a deep shipping harbour. more>

Shattered City

Earthquake 2011
Occurring daily they are seldom felt or affect our lives. Occasionally a city in the world is unlucky and is hit with a big (costly) one when a sudden release happens below it. more>


The Immense tectonic forces colliding deep below melt the earths crust forming liquid "magna". This flows and escapes from its pressured capsules forming "volcanoes" on the surface. 
There are hundreds of volcanoes in New Zealand.

Uplifting coasts

Uplifting coasts
Uplifted above the waves by the colliding tectonic plates the land is shaped and newly eroding by ocean storms.  more>

Crossing the line
We cross the main intercontinental plate boundary several times as we travel through the Glacier & Scenic Zone.  We see unusual scarps, fractures, slips, bent valleys and rivers, lakes, splits,
rifts and mounds. 

LINK to South Island's Alpine Fault


 take you there   -  see the forces uplifting - twisting - shattering